Professional player who gets caught in this murdering game. Though he is awarded with Unique Skill: Dual Blades, which is intended for the player with the fastest reaction speed, it is still not an easy job to save himself and all players from this game. Adventure is about to start! Be prepared to always be slightly out of range from your enemies!


Spinning Sweep

Spinning Sweep (Swordsman 1)
Description: Strike a target for 4 times continuously, more strikes can deal more DMG which can also deal splash DMG to at most 5 nearby enemies.

1st Attack: Deal 65.94%+406 Mana DMG
2nd Attack: Deal 81.93%+614 Mana DMG
3rd Attack: Deal 97.92%+842 Mana DMG
4th Attack: Deal 119.9%+1110 Mana DMG

Penetration Slash

Penetration Slash (Swordsman 2)
Description: With the best swordplay, one can attack at most 6 nearby enemies within 4 squares to deal massive DMG.

Effect: Deal 77.92%+1140 Mana DMG, closer enemies will take more DMG.

Astral Swing

Astral Swing (Swordsman 3)
Description: By controlling the power of the sword, one can attack at most 6 enemies within fan-shaped area and deal massive DMG.

Effect: Deal 77.92%+1240 Mana DMG to enemies within fan-shaped area, the enemies who are closer will suffer more DMG.

Shockwave Blast

Shockwave Blast (Swordsman 4)
Description: With passionate fighting will, one can create a shockwave to deal massive DMG to the target and cause splash DMG to at most 4 nearby enemies.

Effect: Deal 99.9%+1985 Mana DMG to single target and small amount of splash DMG to nearby enemies.

Stylish Outfits

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