One of the most skilled VRMMO game player. She is strong and good at sniping with a bow. It takes all her bravery to join this murdering game and nobody ever knows the monster hidden in her heart. Will she succeed and reach her goal?


Sneak Strike

Sneak Strike (Ranger 1)
Description: Strike a target for 4 times continuously, more strikes can deal more DMG which can also deal splash DMG to at most 5 nearby enemies.

1st Attack: Deal 65.94%+406 Phy. DMG
2nd Attack: Deal 81.93%+614 Phy. DMG
3rd Attack: Deal 97.92%+842 Phy. DMG
4th Attack: Deal 119.9%+1110 Phy. DMG

Explosive Arrow Shower

Explosive Arrow Shower (Ranger 2)
Description: Create massive explosive arrows to attack target and at most 6 enemies nearby within 4 squares for massive DMG.

Effect: Deal 77.92%+1140 Phy. DMG to the target and its nearby enemies, the enemies who are closer will suffer more DMG.

Sky Crush

Sky Crush (Ranger 3)
Description: Summon a gigantic firebird to attack the target in front from the sky and deal massive DMG to at most 6 enemies within the fan-shaped area.

Effect: Deal 77.92%+1240 Phy. DMG to enemies within the fan-shaped area, the enemies who are closer will suffer more DMG.

Fire Torment

Fire Torment (Ranger 4)
Description: Burn the target with hot flame and deal massive DMG to the target, also deal splash DMG to at most 4 nearby enemies.

Effect: Deal 99.9%+1985 Phy. DMG to single target and small amount of splash DMG to nearby enemies.

Stylish Outfits

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